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RESTORE4: Jumpstart your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals with the help of our most comprehensive weight loss and management kit for women! Restore 4 features different products that work together synergistically to boost energy, enhance metabolism, suppress appetite and support overall general health.

Products in the Restore 4 kit....

Victress was designed for hard working women that are experiencing the effects of aging. Featuring a custom assortment of herbal extracts, natural caffeine, and other natural ingredients; Victress will help give you the energy you need to finish a hard day of work!




Pure N Lean is a gentle nighttime cleanse that will help purify the body of unwanted toxins. Sleep is extremely important for regulating hormone levels, metabolism, and cortisol levels. Lack of sleep can result in weight gain and mood issues. Wake up feeling refreshed and recharged with the aid of Pure N Lean.

Rest and recovery are essential for a healthy and strong body. We put the body under constant stress from daily activities and exercise which makes sleep so very important. Pure N Lean was designed to help detoxify the body and regulate sleep through digestion management.


FYRE'D UP is a delicious naturally caffeinated weight loss powder that helps control cravings while boosting energy and metabolism.
When you feel a midday craving coming on or you need that extra energy to get the work done...then it’s time to get FYRE’D UP!

VITA GREENS is an all in one daily greens and multivitamin powder specifically formulated to support a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the powerful antioxidant benefits and vitamins Green'D also includes probiotic and prebiotic fiber to improve digestive health and function.